Really-Virtual is a Veteran owned business with a mission to onboard, train, and maintain the new-collar workforce. A combination of practical experience, military training, and doctoral research, Really-Virtual has developed a unique workforce development platform that leverages the best elements of today’s technologies and years of practical experience.

Additional Features

Unlimited users with cloud storage, video playback, and our guided path curriculum provides every user a progress report and letter grade.

Command Post mobile app provides users with a complete log of all training, a leaderboard for competitions, chat and more. Administrators can manage their simulators and their users.

Observation Post provides the only remote training assistance for virtual reality forklifts on the market. Trainers can connect via a Zoom like interface from their PC or mobile device with live a live operator view and voice and video over a secure connection. Up to 16 people can observe one operator at one time.

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1. My steering wheel doesn't work.

Every Real-Forklift comes with a Thrustmaster T300 RS force feedback steering wheel.  Every unit we ship comes with a glue plug to prevent users from moving the selector switch, so make sure to check for it.
In Windows Search, type  joystick then select Setup USB Game Controller

Select the Thrustmaster controller setting.  If it shows you this, then you have a communication problem between your steering wheel  and Windows operating system.

First things first, make sure the selector switch on the left side of the steering wheel is set to PS3.  All of our units are shipped to be glued in that position.  Once that is verified, you will need to shut off the simulator and unplug  the power from the back of the steering wheel base.  It is a three receptacle plug.  Wait 30 seconds for it to completely power down.  Plug back in and power-up your simulator.

Always stand clear of the steering wheel on boot up as it will run through a calibration.

Once that is done, go back to the joystick  panel and see if it is now showing the correct Thrustmaster control   panel.  If you see the image below then you are good to go.

If this doesn’t resolve your issue please contact us via email:

3. Real-Forklift Observation Post

Real-Forklift Observation Post is the Windows PC application that allows Trainers to provide remote trainer support to their operators when they are using using their Real-Forklift Virtual Reality Simulator.

  • Download here
  • Run From your downloaded location
  • You may see the following pop-up warning.  Click More Info
  • Then Click Run anyway
  • If you want a short cut on your desktop, check Create a desktop shortcut
  • Click Install
    • Click Finish  and Observation Post will run.  To not run on finish, uncheck Launch Real-Forklift Observation Post
    4. Gray Screen After Loading

    A bug was identified and fixed for v  and later.  If you are encountering this issue you will need to delete a registry key.

    • If Real-Forklift is running
    • Right Click Real-Forklift Basic Training.exe  and click End Task
    • Type CMD  in the windows search bar
    • Type this reg delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Really-Virtual\Real-Forklift Basic Training
    • Press Enter
    • Close the Command Prompt  window
    • Restart Real-Forklift

    You can also download and run this file here

    5. My Simulator Steering Wheel turns at a different rate.

    If you notice that when you turn your physical steering wheel and your virtual steering wheel either turns at a faster rate or stops turning too soon then you need to reset the control mapping.  This will require an administrator to log into the simulator.

    • Click the Joystick Icon on the Toolbar
    • Click Control Map
    • Under the Controller Column, find Wheel  and Click it.
    • Click Replace Wait 5 seconds.
    • When it says Now press a button or move an axis to assign it to Steering  turn the wheel all the way left or all the way right within the 5 second countdown.
    • You may get a message that states Wheel Left or Wheel Right  is already assigned.  
    • Click Ok  or Replace.
    • Click Done.
    • Click Close.

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