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Real-Forklift Basic Training v2.1.7 Update

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NGeOT (pronounced nee-yo) is your operator trainer and your guide for first time virtual users

Introducing NGeOT - Your Next Gen Operator Trainer

New Features

Introducing NGeOT (pronounced nee-yo) your Next Gen Operator Trainer and virtual reality guide. NGeOT will introduce you to VR and your Real-Forklift on your first use. Once done with the initial introduction, NGeOT is ready to assist, appearing on your in-forklift Tablet. Just say hey nee-yo and you will see NGeOT come to focus on the tablet.

When NGeOT is listening he will help with basic tasks with more features added regularly:

  • Respond to NGeOT’s instruction while you quickly calibrate and align your real self with your virtual self
  • Have NGeOT start your next training activity. Just say something like, “start training”, “what’s next”, “start next lesson”
  • Check your training progress. Just say, “open training menu”
  • Have NGeOT provide detail responses or short responses. Just say, “speak more” or “speak less”
  • Get assistance while training. If you aren’t sure what to do next on a lesson, just say, “I’m lost”, “what do I do next”, “help me”, “I need help” – (currently only implemented for lesson 103)
  • have NGeOT enable/disable pedestrians. Just say, “enable pedestrians” or “disable pedestrians”

Lesson resume feature. Finding it difficult to complete a longer lesson in one stint? Now you can pick up at your last completed checkpoint. Currently, this is implemented for Lesson 103 with more to come.

We’ve added some additional guidance on the new user creation form to help first-time users.

We want your feedback. Now when you are done training, you will have the option to take a quick survey.

Have some fun. NGeOT will now recognize some hand gestures. Give him the peace sign, or maybe point at him. Try different gestures and see what he has to say.


Training menu will show unavailable content in red.

Improvement for VR Tolerance. Less intrusion for experienced VR users.

System will now require a user to disconnect before quitting. When a user disconnects it will close out an existing session.

Removed local training log and curriculum report. Curriculum report is available from the menu or in Command Post.

Recording folder to just the Display Name

Beginner warehouse environment only has 1 pallet

Lock scenarios until training complete

Performance improvements for lower-end machines

Bug Fixes

Screen HUD disappearing after logout

Performance measures not syncing

Appliance warehouse training not loading properly via voice command.

Forks cam causing HUD to disappear when turned off

Profile pic persists after logout

Disconnect button doesn’t show the login page

Training menu not appearing when training is completed

System does not pause if starting up with headset on. (Now displays a message to operator to remove headset and login)

Pause label stays on sometimes

Error when training record items don’t match guidedpath

Salutation response from Neo repeated his name.

Offline mode not working. (regression)

New username creation validation

UserID to Username not completing with system paused

Feedback reporting tool popup

New user registration not setting default usersettings

Alignment settings not saving

Training menu properly closes on user change

Session data logging when no activity occurs.

Incorrect MPH displayed

Pedestrians walking into truck while truck is stationary

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