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Real-Forklift Basic Training Release Notes v

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This update is the first step in our Guided Path system that will provide a more effective individual experience.

V2.0.68.3 (March 2, 2020)

  • update: Feedback reporting tool. Improved layout and updated to latest reporting engine
  • bugfix: First run not loading. New installs would fail
  • bug fix: Offline mode not loading. Offline mode now works in a no-user environment
  • update: Set max fork height to 188in.
  • feature add: Introducing the ability to interact with Neo. Neo is your VR trainer and provides you with real-time feedback.  Now you can speak to Neo and he will assist you.
  • update: Database and data logging for Command Post.
  • bugfix: Lesson Progress remaining at end of training. Improperly reported progress percentage
  • update: Adjusted Operator’s tablet to improve experience when using Real-Forklift Mobile
  • feature add: Difficulty and VR Tolerance adjustments in Settings. Difficulty only impacts pallet placement in Rodeo One.  VR Tolerance (phase 1) introduces the concept of improving the new user experience in VR.  Users can set the value between 1 and 10 (no adjustment).  Lower settings will modify the throttle response and the trucks rate of acceleration to reduce vection for new users.
  • update: Leaderboard data reporting to Command Post
  • update: User login required.  This is the first step of the new Guided Path experience.

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