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National Forklift Safety Day 2018

Mike Morgan
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Safety Doesn’t End on June 12th

National Forklift Safety Day 2018 has passed, but this should be just the start of the re-focus on improving safety for your Operators and workers in the warehouse.  For those of you maybe seeing this post and just hearing about us, Welcome. We invite you to enjoy this journey with us as we continue our mission to reduce forklift accidents, injuries and fatalities.

We started Really-Virtual Consulting with a few key principals in mind.  First our core values. Honor, Integrity, Loyalty and Trust.  We get that business can be just business but we can still be good people at this same time.  With new technology and introducing it to companies to address such a vital issue, we believe that not only does the solution matter but also relationships.

This is why we have been bootstrapping the company and seeking out the right initial customers and partners.  It’s easy to throw money at a problem, but what we really ask for from our partners is to throw experience, throw feedback, throw commitment at the problem.  We have committed ourselves to building the most robust, most capable training platform on the market.  We aren’t there yet, but we will be.  Some of you will see the value to take this journey with us, while others will sit and wait.  We respect both courses of actions as long as we are open and honest with one another.

As you can see from all our release notes, there is no other solution out there that aims to develop and improve like we do nor is there anyone that will share what, how and why we are doing it.

Great Partnerships – Great Solution

With that said, we have been so proud to partner with Wisconsin Lift Truck and Illinois Material Handling who have become our first distributor and about the best partner we could ask for.  Tony Parsons from Wisconsin Lift Trucks has been an absolute hero to the cause.  His feedback is invaluable and his enthusiasm is contagious.  He has been showcasing our Real-Forklift™ Premium Desktop Simulator to people all around.  I personally speak with Tony several times per week taking in his feedback and ideas to help make this a better product that better serves our customers.

Forklift Safety is so important there is a day dedicated to it.  Let’s continue to find ways to make this day no longer matter.  If our product can save one life or reduce one injury then I will say this has been a purposeful mission.  Every week we continue to find ways to make our software more accessible.  visit our download page and try for your self.

Image: : http://www.mhlnews.com/powered-vehicles-and-forklifts/national-forklift-safety-day-2018-focuses-operator-training

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