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Command Post Beta Updates 3/26!

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Greetings from Team RVC’s R&D squad!

We’re very excited to share the updates we’ve just released into the wild. So let’s get started:

Command Post Android v1.66-BETA:

  • Fixed a condition which caused the “Simulator Disconnected” dialog to appear in rapid succession. This dialog now appears only once as intended.
  • Fixed several issues with the “Refresh” button which caused issues with active simulator recognition. It now properly triggers visual updates to the “Active Simulators” bar and the “Simulators” card list.
  • Fixed several memory leak conditions which caused Command Post to either not respond or outright crash.
  • Added “Handshake” messages between the Basic Training Suite and Command Post Android. Prior to this change, neither application could reliably respond to connections and disconnections. With the new messaging system, both apps can respond accordingly and provide accurate feedback to the user.
  • Added “Disconnect” button behavior to the “Simulator Status” view. If Command Post Android is not connected to a Simulator, you’ll see a “Connect” button. If Command Post Android is connected to a Simulator, you’ll see that the “Connect” button has changed color and text to become the “Disconnect” button. No more pressing “Back” multiple times and then re-selecting your simulator in order to continue your workflow.
  • Added automatic License Verification on connection to Simulator via Bluetooth. Command Post Android now correctly checks whether your license is valid and syncs that information with the Simulator when you connect via Bluetooth.
  • Updated Telemetry View visuals. We’ve adjusted the layout of the Telemetry view so that data is grouped in a more intuitive manner and is easier to see even on small screen sizes with low screen densities. We’ve also added context to some of the data views. For example, instead of only showing the percentage of Throttle input, we’re also displaying the Speed of the vehicle as well as the current Gear.
  • Added “Attachments” selection to Simulator Settings view. It is now possible for users to select which fork attachment they wish to use in real-time. Just tap “Settings” in the bottom navigation of the Simulator view, then select your desired attachment from the drop-down menu while connected to your Simulator. Basic Training Suite will immediately update your attachment in the VR environment! Currently we have two attachments available: Forks and Appliance (A.K.A “Basiloid”).
  • Added more performance and stability enhancements than are practical to list here

Finally, Command Post Android is now in OPEN BETA on the Google Play Store! Just navigate to this link and opt-in to the beta program on a compatible Android device (Android version 6.0 “Marshmallow” and above) and install the app. From there, you can provide direct feedback to our team via the “Feedback” item in the main menu.

If you would like to hear more about the Command Post platform or want to see if one of our training solutions is right for you, please contact and sign-up for our newsletter at

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