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Basic Training Suite Release Notes – Version – 11 Jun 2018

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Basic Training Suite
software update: Version: – 11 Jun 2018


  • Additional Configuration Panel (Press F4) Options- This growing display of capability adds additional control functions and capabilities.
  • Enable Seat Belt Switch if you are running a Real-Forklift™ Simulator
  • Adjustable desired fork height while driving.  Every company has slightly different rules.  Take control of what right looks like.  Once this is set, our KPI Collector will report if the operator is out of spec.
  • System Configuration Panel will show connected controllers and allow you to test the force feedback/rumble feature
  • Send a diagnostics report to us with the click of a button
  • New more realistic forklift steering.  Rear steering forklifts have the inside and outside wheel turn at different rates to five it the pivot on a dime ability.  This new feature will continued to be refined to get the right feel for you.  Much like the user can adjust max steering angle, this will soon be adjustable too.  Of course we will set defaults based on the model of lift truck you are using for you.
  • Huge new feature.  We are now recording over 25 parameters at 50 times per second about your forklift, the forks and your driving.  More news as this develops!


  • Major update to the force feedback control with our steering.
  • First we have updated the logic to properly initialize the wheel.  We realize some of you may be having issues with some USB ports and we continue to investigate I will bring an update soon
  • Updated feedback logic that will provide subtle feedback for bumps.
  • New feedback logic that will actually let you feel the wheels shudder on the surface as they break traction.
  • Recording Icon.  Green is ready, Red is recording, Grey is disabled and flashing is a performance issue.
  • Update scenario toggle.  As we continue to build our menus we want to make it easy to experience the different content.  Quickly cycle through content and reset cones.
  • Better detection of VR headsets and we will now track total time in VR.


  • Notifications and timers.  As we add additional KPIs, tracking and monitoring becomes more complex.  We have added new logic that captures more precise data and have also found a way to increase system performance.
  • Timers will properly reset on courses.
  • Look behind KPIs are more responsive and accurate to message triggers.
  • Forward and Reverse logic now adjusted and incorporates Gas and Electric modes properly
  • Mistakes falsely triggered such as failing to look behind have been fixed.

Known Issues:

  • Command Post Android Telemetry does not report real-time.  This feature will be added back in a future release.
  • Over reporting of certain mistakes can occur
  • Fork height when moving too sensitive to report

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