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Basic Training Suite Release Notes – Version – 04 Jun 2018

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Basic Training Suite
software update: Version: – 04 Jun 2018


  • New system configuration page.  This page will continue to develop to host all configuration and system settings for local level viewing and adjusting if allowed.
  • Settings are saved locally.  (Future update will have user override when connecting via Command Post.)
  • Set the style of Forward and Reverse (paddle or selector style.  Paddle is for a momentary connection i.e. a button press, whereas selector is when you have a gear lever that stays in the forward or reverse position)
  • Select gas or electric mode
  • New Training Log file format.  While we continue to build our cloud and web interfaces for training history, this file can be viewed in raw form from the user documents folder.  In that folder is an RVC folder with training log and recording files.
  • Simple scoring model.  All actions can receive a + or – score modifier.  All users start with a 100 points.  Final score will be the at the end of the training log file.  These scores will expand and be configurable by the user or admin.


  • Performance improvements
  • Licensing now reports online / offline and verified / unverified / failed.  Once you activate your license online you will be able to use your computer in offline mode for 3 days.
  • Created categories for key mapping page.
  • When running BTS in window, the X close button will properly trigger a clean close to properly manage logs and recordings.


  • Installer now reports the correct version number as shown in BTS.
  • Fixed issue where user could override menu open (F1, F2, F3).  Certain mappings are now protected from change.
  • Fixed issue that prevented closing BTS if there was a license fail.

Known Issues:

  • Command Post Android Telemetry does not report real-time.  This feature will be added back in a future release.

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