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Basic Training Suite Release Notes – Version – 21 May 2018

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Basic Training Suite
software update: Version: – 21 May 2018


  • Lessons 104 (Proper load handling – instructional) and 105 (Lift, shift and tilt operation – lesson and practical exercise)
  • Offline mode. You can now use BTS offline once you have validated your license online.  Online validation is required every three days.
  • Created a new Really-Virtual Folder in User Documents. This folder will now store each training log and the corresponding recording.  These files are timestamped to make it easy to compare the log file and the recording.


  • Basiloid Appliance updates. First phase physics update.  Currently works for double stacks. Stack two fridge boxes on top of one another.  Carry a double stack of fridge boxes.
  • Updates to default controller mapping
  • Optimizations for Oculus VR


  • Installer now reports the correct version number as shown in BTS.

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